Painterly Days: The Pattern Watercoloring Book Review

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I am so excited to write about Painterly Days, The Pattern Watercoloring Book.  This is the first book of its kind and it is amazing!   Created and illustrated by the famed watercolorist Kristy Rice, this book is unlike any adult coloring book in publication.

The book is beautifully crafted with a semi-hard glossy cover that folds out in both front and back with a colorwheel, tips, and advice from the author.  In the back she gives you a list of tried and tested products at very reasonable price that works well with this book.  I also used the fold outs as a page holder.  The paper is Luxembourg watercoloring paper that will allow for first time painters like me, that get a little excessive with water and paint with no bleed through!  There are 25 prints to paint, but the genius is that each page is duplicated on the back of the page so you can paint or color one or both sides, and if it did bleed through, it would match the pattern.

The patterns that Kristy have drawn are absolutely exquisite!   They range from Victorian to modern designs and everything  in between.   Another remarkable aspect of this book is the time Kristy took to give you a detailed description of each design with painting tips for each separate page design as well as notes as an artist for all 25 designs!  The book is not only spectacularly made and gorgeous,  but it is jam packed with advice, tips, and other resources that makes it perfect for beginners, like myself, or advanced watercolor painters.  I was a little intimidated at first because I hadn’t painted at all since Freshman High School art class, many many years ago, and even then I could barely create a colorwheel.   I honestly surprised myself!  By following Kristy’s advice and just letting go, I was able to paint with ease and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  It is a great way to expand as an artist or just as a hobby!  Painterly days patterns watercoloring

I must also credit Artist Loft Watercolor Cake set with beautiful pigments as well as a very high quality brush from Royal & Langnickel, size 2, round mini-majestic brush.  All these items are pictured on the inside back cover of the book.

Lastly, I highly recommend this book not only for painters, but anyone, especially those who have never painted, or like me are coloring book enthusiasts!   The author  encourages use of markers, pencils, any medium you prefer in combination with watercolor.   A great way to expand your horizons in coloring, watercolor pencils are also a wonderful way to experience this lovely book.  I truly hope you treat yourself or someone you love to this book.  You will not be disappointed!  I promise you will be amazed at what you create!  Use Spring as your inspiration and have fun!

Until next time, Happy Coloring!

This book is one of three beautiful Painterly Days Watercoloring Books  alongside Flowers and Woodlands that are equally beautiful with the same quality applied to other themes.


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